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172 McGuires Marsh Road, OSTERLEY


Land Area 753 hectares


Offering 172 McGuire's Marsh Road, Osterley and 5 year Timber Rights of "Trap Hut"- Meadsfield Road, Bothwell.

1. Land 172 McGuire's Marsh Road, Osterley, 753ha.

2. Forestry Resource Off-take Agreement for McGuire's Marsh Road, Osterley

a. 651 Ha Native/Bush Run

b. 80 Ha Plantation

3. 5 year Timber rights of plantation area of "Trap Hut"- Meadsfield Road, Bothwell with 5 year guaranteed off-take agreement.

a. 506 Ha Plantation.Planted 2006.

b. Total area of property is 1713ha (4232acres)

Royalty of;

a. $50 / tonne Saw Log

b. $30 / tonne Peeler

c. $10 / tonne Chipping

Off-take agreement with Fitzallen Industries Pty Ltd

a. 15,000 tonnes Saw Log over 5 Years commencing November 2018 = $750,000

b. 60,000 tonnes Peeler over 5 years commencing November 2018 = $1,800,000

c. 25,000 tonnes Chipping over 5 years commencing November 2018 = $250,000

Total Royalty payable $2,800,000

172 McGuires Marsh Road- $900,000

Total Value of land plus timber sales- $3,700,000

Asking Price-$2,300,000

172 McGuires Marsh Road-Asking price for separate sale-$900,000
This 753ha (1,860acres ) approx. forestry block has over 80ha of Niten plantation, with over 2 thirds being 13 years old and the rest 9 years old. There is 20ha(50acres) approx. of pasture in the old homestead area and approx. 651ha (1,610acres) of native forest and bush run country.

The property is comprised of 10 titles and has 1.8 kilometres of spectacular Ouse River Gorge.

Osterley Farm faces East and South East which is ideal both for tree and pasture growth. In fact the property is on the edge of the Central Plateau with healthy Delegatensis Forest on the western and north western side grading to down country vegetation by the Ouse River. The soils follow the same pattern with basalt and dolerite on the higher western side to grey sandy loams to the East of McGuire's Marsh Road.

All information or quantities are estimated as an approximation advised by the Vendor.

Please don't hesitate to call for an inspection of one or both properties.

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